Picasa Download for Window 8 : Install Picasa on Windows 8

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Picasa Download for Window 8: Picasa is software that providing you the process of editing and sharing the images on your PC. Actually the Picasa helps to find out automatically the pictures from your PC to sort into a album. It is prepared by time and date with the given folder names you will be familiar with. And then you can also drag the images in Picasa software to edit the ordinary pictures into HD quality images and make them to label the group name for the folder on PC. It also includes some of the features to use for the users like you create your slideshows and burn the images to a CD on the full screen of the PC. Even though Picasa is not yet licensed for process with Windows 8, a huge number of users have installing and using it every day.

Picasa Download for Window 8

Picasa Download for Window 8
Picasa Download for Window 8

The software is generally not an app to work in Windows 8, when it is the Picasa started it actually just opens and run on the desktop but not on the display screen. Due to this purpose you need to work on it to open the Picasa on the windows 8 platform.

How to Install Picasa in Windows 8

These are the steps to be followed to install the Picasa in Windows 8

  • First of all, go to the Windows Explorer on the Desktop.
  • Then go to the website to download the Picasa software for the PC.

Click here:  http://picasa.google.com/

  • Then select the Run option to install the Picasa for windows.

After the Installation

After the installation of Windows 8, the software Picasa starts to scan your image folder on your PC.  Then notify the picture viewer to enable later. Then for scanning the images go to the Tools menu, then Folder manager and set the require folder with pictures. Once the Picasa is installed, for the easy access, you want to create a Picasa shortcut on a desktop by copying the software to the desktop.


  • After signing into your Google account, Picasa HD helps you to access all the image album folders that you have already uploaded to Picasa.
  • Then you can glance through images at your own place
  • The slide show features which is mainly adding the changeover effects between each of the frames.


Performance of Picasa

  1. Without visiting the Picasa in website you can easily delete the photos, editing the information which is captioning to the images. Then you can also view the images by selecting the full screen option to view the image very larger and wider on PC screen.
  2. If you have smart devices then you can also find the Picasa image and go through type full image by swiping, zooming to the large extent.
  3. Picasa HD is absolutely takes a significant change over on your pictures. It is very simple to show the image very attractive. The mainstream of the crossing point is in use up by thumbnails of your images, allowing you to without difficulty see the photos you are functioning with.


Thus the Google doesn’t enable us to download the Picasa for windows 8. The software Picasa (high Definition) is the subsequently most excellent option for presenting the images in your Picasa account on a device. The performance of the Picasa is the best among the other photo editor software. This one is genuinely working product to create, edit, and share with the various numbers of features to proceed on your PC. You can also import the pictures that can be converted into slide share video by adding the audios.



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